Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Update on Double Vision: Literal Stuff

I think that tomorrow marks 10 weeks since the fateful day on which my vision went ker-plop!  I've been driving for two-plus weeks now, though I'm still afraid of the dark and the interstate.  A glance to the far left is still a little problematic; my left eye is the tiniest fraction of a second slower than my right.  I'm thinking another week. And my eyes get tired quickly, but the excruciating pain of trying to force nerves to do things they cannot is gone.

Why I like my opthamologist-neurologist:   When she called one evening to explain what happened, she spent nearly half an hour on the phone explaining the nutritional causes behind my little crisis.  She could so easily have referred me to any of half a dozen other people. 

Now if only one could revise one's eating habits as quickly and completely as one's vision can go haywire.  Also, if a contacts person could keep track of the two pairs of glasses she now needs!  Both would be major achievements.

My son has kindly offered me his notebook computer for the next several weeks while I save for my own.  Once I install Kindle and a photoshop program, I'm good to go.  Between the vision thing and the laptop thing, my reading and photo frustrations have been  . . . um, frustrating.

Maybe I'll get to the metaphorical stuff tomorrow.

Image here.


  1. Can you share the nutritional information?

    I had a dream last night that I was about to drop a something into the top of a volcano and cause a massive explosion.

    I woke up this morning convinced that it has to do with eating. I don't know why. But, when I saw this post I felt like maybe I was on the right track.

    And, perhaps I should not eat another 12 Course Tasting Menu -- what do you think? :)

  2. Yowzaa! I can't imagine seeing double and not throwing up! I have vestibular issues, so I've felt off-kilter each time I've read about your vision issues. I hope you continue the path to their resolution.

    It's interesting for me to think of things I'd love to see two of... and then there are those that present a problem in their single presentations!

  3. Hoping you continue to improve. I find it very interesting that nutrition plays such a big role in your vision problems. I am trying to look at nutrition's influence on RA and need to get back to being more intentional about it.

  4. good luck with that diet change. have you blogged about what the nutritional issue was? I am curious.