Thursday, June 30, 2011


Every once in awhile I really get to wondering about who stops by this blog.  I look at the couple of tools I have for recording visits and I think:  Hmmmm.  

Some people, I know exactly who they are. We've become blogging friends and/or they've sent the occasional email.

Others are from places where I know lots of people IRL and I wonder who is quietly lurking ~ from nearby Cleveland suburbs, from my seminary town of Pittsburgh, from Boston and its environs, from Chicago and its.

Still others are from links from links from parents whose children have died.  THAT I get.  We all want to know how others are making it. 

And others are from places that just sound cool:  Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand, for instance.  I think that most of the overseas visitors come by accidentally in the course of a word or picture search , but still:  What's it like to live in Lower Hutt in New Zealand?

Oh, my.  Apparently it's something like this: 

(And I live where? In a midwestern American city?  I love where we live, but let's get real.)

I've become incredibly lazy about making myself known when I visit others, so I can hardly complain.  But I am curious.

I've added a link in the sidebar to Loyola Press's 31 Days with Ignatius. Unless I double up, I'll miss seven or eight of them while I'm on retreat, where technology is highly discouraged. But you might want to pay them a visit, as long as you're here anyway.


  1. Oh, I read you all the time from a little blink and you'll miss it place along the highway to Alaska in northern Alberta, Canada. I discovered Martin Laird's books through your blog - one of my favourite books now. :)

  2. Oh, I have always wanted to go to Alberta and Manitoba!

  3. That live traffic feed has an imaginative streak :) I show up as all sorts of places I'd quite possibly rather be (today it's Cleveland, Somerset) but the truth is I'm in suburban London.

  4. It might be me that was recorded as Lower Hutt, New Zealand....quite often site tools will have me as coming from Levin, or Napier....but actually I am from Palmerston North, New Zealand! I can't quite remember where I first stumbled on your blog- but I think you must have commented on another blog I visit, possibly People for Others....

  5. Lesley, someone today showed up as at Dulles Airport in Texas!

    Kiwi, I figured you were at least from NZ.

  6. Hmmm, I visit often, but I sure don't come from a view that looks like THAT! WOW! A portion of my landscape is posted currently on my blog - backyard party in suburban Chicago. Plain and simple. It's home, and I love it.
    Take care Robin.

  7. I'm one of those suburban Chicago visitors, though I mostly read via GoogleReader so I probably don't show up in your stats as often as I actually read. :-)

  8. Northwestern Ontario visitor here. I would LOVE a visit if you're ever up this way.

    I loved my time at Loyola. Blessings on your visit there.

  9. NW Ontario? Wow! The farthest we've ever gotten is Moosonee.