Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer, Miscellaneous

Overheard conversation between two young women walking through Target: "I think that happened the summer before I got interested in boys.  The last summer that I was truly happy."


"Excuse me; what are you doing?"  Question from woman across street, standing in her doorway, as I attempt to use my keys to open her car.  A red car parked across the street; that's what I see.  My son, standing in our doorway: "Mom, didn't you notice a difference between your red Corolla and her red Mercedes?"

They looked the same to me.


Waiting waiting waiting for the new Marty Laird book to arrive.  At least two friends have theirs; mine hasn't even shipped.  Amazon could not have made a worse choice for a delay ~  in the sense that I won't forget this one.


I have had a brief email exchange with a couple of seminary professors about expanding my call search.  From one of them: "Seriously consider a bold move."  I'm not sure whether sending my stuff to Florida was bold or reckless.  But summer has suddenly gotten more interesting!


  1. RE the car confusion: Are you sure you should be driving? LOL!

    RE the search: My advice would be to utterly remove the concept of "recklessness" from your current thought process...

    Lisa :-]

  2. Sending your stuff to Florida--which has good associations for you--seems perfectly sensible to me! It's also a state growing in population so surely there are more calls available there.
    Prayers that it may be so.