Monday, February 13, 2012

Choice? Response? Wrest? Accept?

I give these matters a lot of thought.

Do we choose our lives? Or do we respond to (or reject) the invitations our lives present to us?

Do we wrest and wrangle our life choices from a plethora of options?  Or do we gracefully (or not) accept what comes our way?

Do we make our own way?  Or does something or someone greater than ourselves call us, seek us out, offer our lives to us?

Are there genuine differences among the answers to these questions? 

Intriguingly, these two images popped up on my computer this morning, the first from a breast cancer blog and then second from a Facebook friend's post.  

One or the other?  Both?  It depends?

I'm starting to know what I think, believe, and understand about these questions; what about you?

1 comment:

  1. Robin - I mostly discard the idea of either/or. It has wreaked some serious havoc in my life.

    So, at first I didn't want to respond to this post.

    But I've come back to it many times...and finally I asked myself why not just look at it? Why not just allow the "either/or" to exist too? Why be afraid? Have I not come to a place of faith that will allow even an either/or question to exist? And if not, what do I need to surrender to get there?

    And so then I looked at your questions again.

    And this time I saw the glimmer of some signposts, some boundaries. Some helpful places where others had been and left a mark.

    When I travel I always am struck by the small stack of stones, the strip of cloth tied to a tree limb (I imagine prayer flag), even some of the graffiti.

    So these questions become more like that and not stakes aimed at my heart demanding that I make the right choice or die.

    Thank you for offering me yet another opportunity for growth.