Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yes, It's a Virus or a Hacker

Yes, everyone in my contacts list is receiving weird emails.  

I will try to rectify the situation tonight, when I have access to what I might need to do so.  In the meantime, I haven't seen any evidence of the evil emails for about eleven hours, so I'm hoping . . . 

Way too much of my life, including this blog, is connected to that email account, and google has got itself so tangled up in knots that I can't just change the email associated with the blog.

So . . . practice good online stewardship and don't open anything that makes no sense!


  1. It was clever because all of the email addresses included seemed legit, which is not always the case in these hacked emails. But it was suspiscious because it only contained a link (or actually the two I received only contained links) and no comment from you - if it had really come from you I would have expected some comment.

    That said - what a pain! Sorry this has happened. I hope it is rectified.

  2. oh robin... i hope this didn't come from my hacked account if you received my "stranded in madrid" bullshit expedition! i can't even access my old account to close it. i was in automated hell for days with att-yahoo-comcast... its a long, frustrating story. i'm trying to let it all go, but it's been awful. i've backed up my blog and restricted access to it. i haven't written anything in weeks. i just don't feel like writing anymore.

  3. Mary, did you have some quick way of backing up your blog?

  4. I think it's fixed, but the last 24 hours sure put a dent in my Lenten plan for less time online! And so will the next few days, as I address security weaknesses in my online life.

    1. I received an email but there were two signs that it was hacked - no subject and only a link so it went into junk mail and I advised the system that you had probably been hacked.

      As for the Lenten timing of this challenge, I can't help thinking that the spirit who is not God would be responsible for keeping you too busy to spend the time with our Lord that you had planned. May the rest of your Lent be blessed with special moments with Jesus.