Friday, July 27, 2012

Minimalist (Friday Five)

I'm in the  midst of some heavy stuff on this blog, and today's RevGals Friday Five offers a chance for a break.  Sally posts the following:

 We are packing to move, boxes are everywhere, stuff has been taken to charity shops, more needs to go to the tip. Once again I am asking myself where all this stuff has come from, once again I'm thinking that I should really reduce and simplify.

So bearing in mind you are allowed the Bible, a bed + linen, a functioning kitchen, and a comfy chair, clothes within reason ( no dragging last centuries wardrobe in case), and probably essential today a lap-top OR computer  choose one from each of the following as your luxuries:

1. A book

Since I would have a considerable Kindle library on my laptop and iphone (see below), I'll go for an art book that exceeds the limits of that technology.  Sometime in the near future I'm going to post about a beautiful book I received as an ordination gift, and that just might be the one I'd choose in these circumstances: And Grace Will Lead Me Home: Images of the Prodigal Son.

2. A piece of music (albums/ sets allowed)

If I were limited to one, I suppose that it would be Dvorak's New World Symphony, which seems to be the one to which I turn most in all kinds of life circumstances.  I'm not sure how I would do without Tchiakovsky's Fifth or the entire Beatles collection, however.


3. Piece of electronic/ tech equipment

iphone: email, blogging, internet, texting, FB, music, Kindle. . . .

4. luxury item of clothing

Where am I going?  I'm thinking a fabulous pair of leather boots, but if we're talking someplace tropical, I suppose I'd go for a great necklace instead.

5. One item of your choice - it can be as normal or as weird as you'd like

My camera, of course.

Bonus: I see that I have had to leave behind all my family photographs and art.  I'm not going anywhere!


  1. I do love the new world, and that great necklace could be good in any climate; thanks for playing!

  2. Love the Beatles. Great play.