Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Women and Seminary

Back to seminary for me today, for the first time in two years.  One of my friends was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of breast cancer a few days after her graduation this past spring, so two of us showed up to have lunch with her and offer a little support for her journey.

Meanwhile, on Facebook a group of women (me included) have offered some suggestions in response to a question from someone about to start seminary, wondering what no one told her that she should know.  Lots of great ideas posted for her.

But from today's lunch table, the advice might look like:  Try not to be a single parent.  Try not to let one of your children die.  Try not to get breast cancer.

And make friends; they'll be there when those things happen anyway.


  1. sometimes things just happen...I might add, "try not to take a call from which you might later get fired"...sigh