Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Spiritual Friendships

I don't recall how Cindy and I met online, but she is one of an ever growing circle of women who correspond and talk through our blogs, Facebook, emails, google hangout, and occasional real life meetings (presumably none of the foregoing is "really real" (cf. The Velveteen Rabbit)?).  We've meandered, and sometimes lurched, along a variety of life paths which have converged in a lively interest in faith and, especially, in prayer.  Different work, different families, different faith traditions ~ same passion.

Cindy and her husband are on a road trip that's taking them along perhaps the majority of Great Lakes shores, and this past week they decided to head my way.  I'm not sure that we came up for air once in our two-hour conversation.  Joe, Cindy's husband, is in process to become a deacon in the Catholic Church, and so we spent some time sharing our observations about preparation for ordained ministry, and then he departed to make a "nostalgia circuit" of the nearby to the town in which he'd gone to high school.  Cindy and I just kept talking . . .     .  She is a delightful, articulate, deeply engaged, and beautiful woman and, as I said on FB, it was as if we'd known one another all of our lives.


Anthor such friend is Michelle of Quantum Theology.  I mention her today specifically because she's just written about and is offering a giveaway of the new Loyola Press book, Just Call Me Lopez.  We talked last night, and so I think it's all right for me to add that my own reflections and giveaway will appear next week, so ~ head over to her place for an excellent read and, if you are not the victor in Michelle's contest, come on back here and try again!

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