Monday, February 18, 2013

Boats, Poulsbo

I took this photograph in Poulsbo, Washington last summer, when we went to visit Karen and her husband, Gregg ~ and got to meet their son David, too!  They live in exactly the sort of place I have always imagined living, a house on the beach in an island community. 
When I started playing with the image, this appeared:

You can draw your own conclusions about the sort of place I'm in these days.



  1. Robin, so many aspects impact our lives, casting a gray pall over dream, I think, is to one day live in the mountains...but I probably never will. I'll be lucky if I ever get to retire...sigh. I can tell you are taking full advantage of the 30 day trial of photoshop - inspiring me to consider this too...

  2. You've got the blues, or maybe the blahs, or more precisely, the grays. Would you like a vacay in Virginia Beach? We don't have lovely spring weather yet, but it's probably closer to spring than OH at the moment. I will put you up overnight and feed you and listen to you, for as many days as you like. Let me know...

  3. All I can offer are my prayers - no warm climate where I live!

  4. It's so interesting that you posted these photos. Yesterday, while walking, I was thinking up names for a business, and one of them was "B&W to Full-Spectrum." And here, you illustrated it.

    I thought of you and Josh as I (finally!) posted on my blog today. Sending love to you.