Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More Adirondacks


 Our campsite was right on Heart Lake, so the frogs were in danger from Ris.

And from Matt.

And Josh.

We went in July, assured that the black flies would be long gone.  But that year it had rained too much, or too little, and they were still around in full force.  We had to set a tent up inside the lean-to for Marissa; we were all covered in welts, but she was so small that I was afraid she would get sick.  So our home away from home included a tent within a lean-to.
I happen to have this set of pictures because I had a roll of black-and-white film in the camera when we arrived.  The rest of the photos, of all the hiking and canoeing, are in color and in another photo album.


  1. These photos are so precious. There is something about black and white photos, and kids, it really touches me deeply. I think you and I were in the last generation of B&W as reality, rather than art.

    I also really love the tent inside a lean to. Rather an apt definition of so much of my life. My sincere attempts to make do, to accommodate the reality, and to offer protection. So sweet really.

    Such good mothering.

  2. I love this window into your family life. Your children must have had such a rich and full and lovely childhood. Well done, Mama. Sweet memories.