Wednesday, February 27, 2013


After having chosen Serenity as my word for the year, I asked my friend Wayne to make a piece of stained glass for me.  He finished it yesterday, as anyone who's been to my FB page knows (!).  I'm so looking forward to hanging it in a window ~ and waiting for the sun to shine in Cleveland, sometime in 2015 or so.
Wayne's timing was excellent.  Last evening turned into a perfect storm of grief, but I awoke this morning reminded that serenity hardly matters if we cannot apply it to the difficult times. 
Living to an old age is not a goal of mine.  But should it happen in spite of me, I would like it if people could say, "She was serene in the face of it all." 
I suppose that makes this a word for the next couple of decades. Hardly something that one can accomplish in a year.


  1. This beautiful piece would calm me in just about any situation. Holding you near.

  2. A beautiful piece of art containing such a transformational word. Praying that serenity will be in your heart.

  3. What a gorgeous reminder - so glad that you gave yourself this gift!

  4. It is absolutely beautiful! We are suffering the same dearth of sunshine on my part of the north coast.

    Serenity now!

  5. Packing glass is more about hope then serenity. It was mailed today.