Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I Kept Waiting . . .

for myself to have something to say.  Not usually a problem for me.  But I find, as Year Six without my beautiful son begins, that I have nothing.

There's a link up there, On Suicide Loss,  that contains some stuff I wrote about surviving a child's suicide.  What was I thinking? 

Here's some of what I know so far:

Do the next thing.  Whatever the next thing is.  Write a paper.  Bake some brownies.  Mow the lawn.  Get ordained.  Pack a suitcase.  Call a friend.  Preach a sermon.  Walk on the beach.  Listen to someone's story.  Go back to bed for the day.  Believe in something.  Believe in nothing.

The next thing.  Just do it.  That about covers what works. 


  1. Take a breath. take a step. In my years of deep despair sometimes the only next thing I could do was take that next breath. Or take that next step to move...from bed to chair, or chair to kitchen or kitchen to outside....yes. just do the next thing. love to you....thinking also of the others I care for who are facing this next moment without their child.

  2. May you feel the love of many who are thinking of you and praying for you and your family.

  3. Thought of you and yours often in the last few days. I can certainly understand how words could seem like straw right now. As you and others have suggested: "A breath and a step."

  4. Breathing and then a step. Or just a breath if that is all you have for now.

  5. Words of wisdom...right out there for all who need them. You are a light in the darkness.