Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I stopped by the assisted living facility today.  Very funny morning.  (Ignore if you've been reading FB.  Photo from there as well; I'm just in the mood to post some oldies but goodies.) 


Conversation overheard while waiting for elevator, after dog has been seen walking down the hallway:

"People are allowed to bring pets to visit, and sometimes therapy dogs come."

"I don't like animals. Never have. I would never harm an animal, but I wouldn't want one either. They're a big responsibility."

Pause, and then the same lady adds:

"I don't like plants either. You have to take care of them, too."

At that point I burst out laughing, and thus was discovered standing behind them.


90-year-old man's assessment of sermons at assisted living facility: "They don't preach sermons for old people here! They preach about Jesus and love and all that stuff; we've got that down."

Me: "What would be a good sermon for old people?"

My parishioner: "Celebrate us! Celebrate our lives of work and service!"


Wife: She's 100 years old. She looks pretty good, don't you think?

Husband: Oh, yeah. She certainly doesn't look 100!


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  1. I enjoyed these, especially since we go regularly to an assisted living facility to visit with two 90+ year olds (my in-laws)!