Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blog Series of Note

Back on March 1, Law & Gospel began to post a series of reflections on her week-end at the Jesuit Retreat House in Wernersville Pa. Others in my little blogging community, specifically Michelle and Wayne, are Wernersville visitors, and so now I have at least three people to envy.

If you had studied as much Reformation history and theology as I have, then you would understand how delightful it is that this little online Ignatian community is Lutheran, Catholic, Episcopalian, and Presbyterian.

I borrowed the hopeful summer photo from the Wernersville website, but Law and Gospel has some great ones of her own.


  1. glad to be part of this community, maybe I need to introduce myself to Law and Gospel.... and who let the Catholic in???? ;')

  2. Thanks, Wayne...

    I went over and admired the photos -- as well as the reflections. And I love that the seed of the retreat was planted by your blogging...

  3. Robin, this is a wonderful photo and I so look forward to your new blog! I echo your comment about the ecumenical wonderfulness present! For my part I would be interested in hearing more about others' journeys in the midst of Ignatian spirituality.