Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Viktor Frankl

A week ago, FREEZING in Florida and therefore doing a lot of reading, I wrote about the book Man's Search for Meaning, which I'll be teaching in an Intro to Religion class in a few weeks.

Today, amazingly, a video of Viktor Frankl is linked on the Ignatian Spirituality blog; he's talking about the therapeutic principle that we must think of people as greater than they actually may be.

From the standpoint of personal reflection: I saw a grief counselor for awhile after Josh died, and she was certainly making use this principle. While she was interested in helping me address the reality that the terrible loss of Josh came in the context of other terrible losses in my life, it became apparent to me after some weeks that she was working hard to affirm strengths that were perhaps enabling me to survive.

And from the standpoint of work:  Maybe something to show or assign my students?


  1. Yes! Wonderful concept and video, even dated as it is. I imagine the book is awesome too. As purple said, lucky students!

  2. You are going to change lives in that class you are teaching. Wish I could be there.