Saturday, January 15, 2011

Very Serious Spiritual Directors

A group of us met this morning for peer supervision.  If you've done CPE or similar training, you're probably done this; one of us presents a "case" or scenario and then we discuss his or her reactions.  The idea is not to offer "solutions" to whatever dilemmas have come up, but rather to help the director explore and process his her own responses and thereby improve his or her listening capacity.

We met this morning at one of our homes near the Bering Strait lake and, while the guys abandoned us, the women decided to go for a post-discussion walk. We had been talking earlier about "summery" and "wintery" Christians, and it quickly became apparent who is who.  Those optimistic summery girls are way out there.  That's me in the black coat, along with my wintery friend. (I did finally venture out onto the dock -- but I didn't think it was fun.)


  1. Loved those pictures! Oh my, that IS Siberia. You are braver than me! I don't think I would venture out at all.

  2. wonderful

    also the joke about the baring straight. Haha