Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Morning Musings

Lotta snow out there.

After a full week, I completely crashed yesterday.  I still struggle with energy issues. But I came to around dinner time and went out for Mexican with The Lovely Daughter, whose insights into her life and mine continue to astound me with their maturity and wisdom.

Felt on top of things this morning and headed out into the blustery winter to the bakery, Target, Office Max, the grocery, and the dry cleaner.  Outlined my idea of what the answer to one of yesterday's ordination exam questions might be for a friend whom I've been helping to study.  Remembered to be grateful that those exams are behind me.  Looked at the RevGals discussion and wished  I were preaching tomorrow, but glad to be able to worship at my home church.

Full week ahead:

I'm starting a six week class (once a week) on John of the Cross through our fabulous local Ecumenical Institute.  I spent a lot of time last winter trying to sort out my own experience ~ depression? grief? spiritual desolation? dark night?  ~ and deal with it; now I'm ready for an academic approach. 

I'm teaching Freud's The Future of an Illusion to my college freshmen.  I love love love teaching college religious studies classes. 

I'm going to the information night for the program from which I earned my spiritual direction certificate to add my encouraging .02 to prospective students.  I'm going to a meeting of the advisory board for said program. I'm going to a continuing ed day sponsored by same on the topic of family systems.

I guess this is going to be a big John Carroll University week.  Oh yeah, it really is ~ I forgot; it's Ignatian Heritage Week there.  So I'm going to a couple of events for that, one of them a presentation by an artist who has an exhibit hanging there of her work based on the Spiritual Exercises, and one a presentation by former Wonderful Spiritual Director who's talking about vocation.  I've really pushed that one for my students, all of whom are thinking about big life decisions, but ~ here I am, in the call process, and I'm thinking about them, too!

When do I get to crash again???

 Image: Ignatius the Pilgrim at Wernersville Retreat Center (PA) ~
October 2010


  1. BUSY! All good, though! I hope you find some time each day to rest so you don't have to crash....

  2. We need to get you a good vitamin regiment and a snowboard! when not crippled, its a pretty good lifestyle!

  3. The CRASH is a given, still after 2 years. The amazing thing is all that you do and give between those crashes. You are a gift of grace and hope and encouragement to so many. I hope the same comes back to you.