Monday, January 17, 2011

Some Comic Relief: Tipper Makes a Report

I'm going to follow in the footsteps of Canine Correspondent Beatrice and fill you in on my weekend. 

Robin blames it all on football.

Gregarious Son got up during the game to let me out ~ about time, too.  But apparently he was preoccupied with touchdowns and such, because he forgot about me and went back to the living room.  And his father was in the same state of mind, as the retracing of events afterward indicated that he had come into the kitchen and seen the back door open, and ~ closed it!  When Robin came downstairs later to announce that she was going to let me out and go to bed, there was no me to let out.

Well: when that back door closed, I ran around to the front and waited for someone to let me in that way.  But no one appeared!  So I headed down the sidewalk.  It was very dark and very cold and you know, my experience of life has been quite altered since I've completely lost my hearing.  (I am fourteen years old!)  Also, I couldn't see much, because the snow is mostly higher than I am.  So somehow I ended up out in the street.  Very scary!  Bright lights and cars zipping by!  Terrible!  I am a very small dog. 

And then one of the cars stopped and a woman* scooped me up.  That was scary, too.  Her car was warm and cozy and she made some phone calls -- but who was she?!  Not Robin.  Where were we going? 

The police station!  I'm wasn't sure that that was a positive turn of events.  Officer W. was very nice, and he made some phone calls, too.  But would my humans come?

Nope ~ another man, with a big truck, and next thing I knew, I was at a kennel!  I know about kennels ~ humans leave you there when they go to Florida.  I would like the beach, I think, but they never take me there.  Have they gone to Florida?  They were just there.  I know that Robin wants to move away from Siberia Ohio.  Would she forget me?

This was very bad.  Two nights.

And then there they were!  GS redeemed himself by coming with his mom to rescue me.  I am so happy; my tail might spin off.

Later I heard that The Lovely Daughter had gone to Columbus for the week-end and had had an adventure of her own. It involved friends in a car accident and much back and forth nonsense all night long, ending with one young man in jail.  ("I had nothing to do with the going-to-jail activity!" she exclaimed. ) She did get to practice her social work skills for several hours the next day as she tried to extricate him from his new domicile.

Apparently it cost more to spring me than it did him.

I am a valuable and beloved dog.

Your intrepid friend,


*The woman gave the police permission to give her first name to Robin so that she could to call her to thank her, which she did; it was only the next night, after this story was posted on FB, that it was discovered that my rescuer is someone  Robin knows from church!


  1. You know, Tipper, this could have ended badly! You should not leave the yard without a human in tow!

  2. good for Tipper, an adventure then lots of love

  3. Dear Tipper,

    How totally scary! You are so very brave and fortunate to be liberated from the kennel. We had snow once last year and I hated it! Don't think I would be tempted to run out into that kind of weather.

    But I'm reading this to Matilda, who is young and stupid and might be tempted to try this.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Your relieved friend and fellow canine correspondent,

    Beatrice (Woof!)

  4. There is no question in my mind that it is all the fault of football!!!

  5. Congratulations on being back in the warm, cozy nest. Your story has such a nice happy ending. Being a dog can be a dangerous occupation, but it sounds as if your humans would go to the ends of the earth to find you. You must be quite a little barker to inspire that devotion! Glad to meet you little Tipper!

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