Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Relay for Life

The Lovely Daughter is participating in the Relay for Life this week-end as a member of her social work school's team.

I have this fantasy that my Friday morning doctor's appointment will be followed by a meeting with an optometrist who can produce a pair of prism lens by the end of the day, thereby making it possible for me to join her at some weird hour as planned.  If that doesn't happen, I guess I'll go early in the morning when it's light enough for me to walk down there.

In any event, my stepmother Jewel Craig and Karen's daughter Katie Gerstenberger and Mary's daughter Erin Potts and my freind Bean who is a Survivor! will be on my mind.  And my friend L's husband who's gone and my friend G's sister who's here.  And  . . .  

I'm sure that we all have people we remember and people we're rooting for and I urge us all to make a contribution ~ if not to the Lovely Daughter's effort, which it just happens that we can do here, then to someone else walking somewhere else.


  1. What a wonderful heart your Marissa has - so aware, open and generous. Please thank her for me - and thank you, for remembering Katie with the others who are precious to you.

  2. Thanks for the opportunity to donate.

    I lost all four grandparents to cancer; but my husband is a survivor!

    I hope you can walk too ... keep us posted!

  3. Robin, thank you so much for remembering our dear Erin. One of her good friends just walked in her memory at her university's Relay. Your Lovely Daughter is kind and generous.

  4. So proud of your wonderful LD. Wish I could support her monetarily right now but can't. Will definitely be doing so in spirit.

  5. My daughter is a realtor with Keller-Williams. This morning she and her team did a pancake breakfast fundraiser for pediatric cancer research, and I, of course, was thinking of Katie G, too, and her mama Karen, as I ate my pancakes. Thank God for people who go to the trouble to raise money for urgent causes. Bravo to Marissa and you, too. You make the world better for so many.