Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mosaic of Friendship

Kathryn and I have known one another for a long time.  We "met" in an online moms' forum; we've all been talking and sharing our lives online for 15 years.  Kathryn and I have also gotten together several times, most recently just a couple of months ago.

Wayne and I met more recently.  Somehow our mutual Wernersville connection brought us together, along with our interests in birds and stained glass.  I have a couple of lovely Wayne-designed gifts.

Wayne is married to Margaret; she's a mosaic artist.  She and I share the same birthday, but we have yet to meet.  Wayne and Margaret and Kathryn have met, though.

(I should insert here that Margaret and Wayne gave me a beautiful mosaic cross as a seminary graduation gift last year. They don't know this yet, but the photograph will appear eventually: As promised, that cross was the very first thing I hung on the wall of my study in the church I pastor.)

This afternoon, a small package arrived, Kathryn-commissioned and Margaret-created.  The colors, Kathryn wrote, are those of my birthstone and Josh's:

one for Ohio


  1. I'm so glad you like it and grateful that Wayne took such a great picture before it made the trip to Rochester and then to you. Congratulations on this most wonderful and long-awaited weekend! I wish that I could be there with you.

  2. Robin, this is simply exquisite.
    I just read your Ordination bulletin. I'm surprised I can see this photograph through my tears. I'm flattered, humbled, proud and wishing so badly that I could be there to witness this momentous occasion. The prayers, the songs, your daughter is singing in memory of Josh... my mind is racing with so many thoughts. I will be walking with you in spirit.
    much love to you,

  3. And I stood today in front of a Wayne designed cross and prayed on the 3rd floor of a place all three of us know well for all of you!

  4. What a grace-filled gift! I'm so thankful that you have such friends close by you. Sending love from way out here.

  5. They are not close! Except in spirit.

  6. In November, I have been asked to give a talk on social networking and being a crafter. I think I have a story to tell. Peace and Hope

  7. What a stunning piece and wonderful choice of colors! Truly a blessing.