Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pre-Ordination Conversations

Practice at church:  "No; remember, you put the loaf of bread down and then you pick up the chalice."

Emails:  "Color of paraments?  NO idea.  Someone must know the answer to this question?"

Proofreading: "Whatever possessed me to think that I could answer 'Yes' to these questions?  I can barely brush my teeth."

Meeting at my own church: "You forgot that you will be here to preach on Sunday morning?"

Practice at church: "You won't forget.  Bless, then break, then give."

Office administrator: "If there's anything else in the bulletin you want to change, don't tell me."

Music Director: "Breathe."

Lovely Daughter: "I know you had a different vision for this piece, but . . . ".

Practice at church: "I think it would probably be better not to do any pouring this time."


  1. "All will be well".

    Thinking and celebrating with you.

    The powers that be (someday I'd like to meet them) call it a Holy Spirit event...therefore red.

  2. LOL! Don't spill the grape juice!

    Is the Lovely Daughter going to sing at your service?

  3. Yes, LD is singing. No, HJG is not able to come. We are going with green because our liturgical artist has only gotten as far as green and purple and they are gorgeous.

  4. maybe instead of yes, you could have answered, "I would imagine"