Monday, October 3, 2011


I guess I will never know what this day might have been like otherwise, in that fantasy life where the difficult events of the past three years and now past three weeks never happened.

But in this real life, my first day as Pastor of a Church was excellent:

Three visits to parishoners: an elderly woman recently widowed, another woman suddenly in the hospital, and an elderly couple struggling with the husband's long term health problems.

No one seems to mind having a pastor with a major health issue of her own. 

I worked on Sunday's sermon, worked on an adult education class, worked on my ordination service, and came close to resolving the health insurance craziness.

And on the way home I stopped to purchase the last few things I need to start staying overnight down in my new place.

I have several appointments over the next few weeks that should bring us closer to answering the immediate medical questions.

But most of all  . . .  I seem to be a pastor!

It's been exactly two years (I found the blog entry) since, egged on by my best friend at seminary,  I purchased the robe pictured above. (And no, I am not remotely blonde.)  I've worn the robe many times since then, but in a few weeks I am going to wear it as an ordained Minister of Word and Sacrament.  With a stole, or maybe two stoles.  As I celebrate Holy Communion.

I think all of that is actually going to happen.


  1. yay!
    That is also the robe I wear every week. It's gorgeous and wonderful, even on us not-blondes. :-)
    So excited for you!

  2. Love!!!
    (I have tears in my eyes.)

  3. I'm teary eyed as well and smiling from ear to ear.

  4. If I smile any bigger for you, my ears will meet each other on the back of my head!

  5. Many blessings at this special time! I'm excited for you and for your fortunate congregation!

  6. May therre be grace upon grace....

  7. So glad that you can live into the calling!

  8. Yeah for God's grace and faithfulness. Congratulations. May you be blessed.

  9. It's a beautiful robe, to be worn by a beautiful woman, doing what she is called to do. Wow.

  10. You have been a pastor for a very long with offical recognition by the Church. So very grateful for your presence in the Church and in the church.

  11. As others, grinning widely and with chills from the significance of it all.

  12. This is just so wonderful!! I'm thrilled beyond measure!

    (and, I was a little confused by the woman standing there in the picture - so thanks for the explanation!!)

    A whole little piece of the world just got a little brighter!