Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Seven

1 ~ Off to Small Church in a few minutes for the monthly pancake breakfast!

2 ~ I had forgotten repressed some of the realities connected with living in two places ~ the careful thinking needed to plan clothing and food, the packing and unpacking.  Siiiiiigh.

3~ If you've sent me an email in the past 10 days or so, I hope to respond in the next few.  Small Church Small Town: a different world!  Last week I forgot my computer, the church internet was down for two days, and my cell phone does not work inside the house or church.  My access to technological communication was very much limited, and  ~ it's amazing how far behind you can get in a matter of hours.

4 ~ Also, cancer takes up a ridiculous amount of time in terms of doctor's appointments and reading.  I've had to spend some of mine backing out of commitments to which I know I can't do justice right now.

5 ~ I've taken a six-month leave of absence from the board of the interfaith dialogue organization with which I spent the summer planning the 9/11 commemoration, and I've backed out of a much-looked-forward to speaking engagement a week from today.  I was supposed to present Calvin and Ignatius:  16th Century Spiritual Comparisons and Contrasts for my seminary's spiritual direction program, but I know that I can't afford the five-hour round trip, and now I have a new doctor's appointment Friday anyway.

6 ~ The one thing I've decided to hang on to is a presentation a week from Monday for a friend's class on Death and Dying.  She teaches students in nursing and gerontology at a local university, and asked me to lead a class on the experience of grief for her students.  I had just started to plan it when my life was thrown out of whack, but I think I probably can do it pretty easily, yes? And it's right here in town.

7 ~ Tomorrow morning: My first sermon as the official pastor of Small Church!


  1. Hi Robin. Life sounds very full on for you. My prayers ascend for you as you undertake these various callings. I'd also love to see your presentation on grief, death and dying. I've just been writing some lectures on these topics. All strength. Jason.

  2. Jason, thanks for stopping by - I didn't know that you visit here.

    Not the beginning of official ministry that anyone would choose, but the one I got.

    I would love to read your lectures if you'd care to share them. For my particular audience, mine will be very personal: what caregivers need to know, from parents who've been there. I'm not sure that any of us have deep theological insight or reassurance to offer. We do know a bit about grief and about the silence of God, though.

  3. So exciting, your first sermon with a congregation who will come to know and love you..and you, them. It's a sweet journey. Blessings for you at this beginning...and prayers continue as you enter imore fully into the treatment for cancer.

  4. @Robin: I've been a long reader of your blog, but have stayed on the sidelines. Very happy to send you a copy of my notes. Email me ( a reminder and I'll fire you a copy when I'm nearer to done. All strength, Jason.