Thursday, March 22, 2012

Churches en Route

These are the churches that I pass en route to and from the Little Lakes:





  1. I just returned from a long weekend in Columbus, OH, to visit my son's best friend who lives there. It was my first visit, but not my last. I loved their life there...a charming old neighborhood near the university, with nearby parks and even a walkable ice cream parlor. Some of the pictures of your neighborhood houses and churches look very similar. We visited the Franklin Conservatory and watched butterflies emerge. We ate in German Village. So now I understand why people like to live in OH! I have lived by the sea my entire life, and can't imagine any other way to do it, but now I understand. History, charm, tradition, warmth, home.

  2. Well, God knows (literally) that I have spent much of my life TRYING to live by the sea. I really have no idea how this happened.

    Next time, drive an hour and a half north. So near and yet so far!

  3. I am reading Diana Butler Bass' newest book...thinking about these structures as the church developed and another 50-75 years...where will we be.