Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Neighborhood Walk

After I posted the article about our city, someone asked for some photos, so I took a few the other day when I walked to the Little lakes.  Just remember ~ I love the architecture; I don't live in it!  I've never been inside any of these homes, but I do get to walk past them.

The kids have always liked this one as a potential fantasy house.

I prefer this one, across the street from the first.  It's on a small lot, but the windows give the sense of the house being one with the outdoors.

And I'm very fond of this third floor.


  1. Wow, houses this big are kind of overwhelming - but I totally agree with you, the brown one has awesome windows.

  2. I know; I would never want to have to be in charge of one of them -- but they are fun to look at!