Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ignatian Prayer Adventure Reflection 11 ~ In the Morning

I wonder what he thought about, when he got up that morning.  

Did he go outside before anyone else was up, lean against the house, watch the sunrise, think, "Only a few more morning skies like that?"

When he went back indoors, was it Mary who was up, preparing breakfast, while Martha slept, worn out from her labors the night before?

Did he place the wooden bowl of fruit on the table, take the bread from her hands?  Look at it longingly?

Perhaps he said  to her, "I'm not sure that I can do this."

And perhaps she said, "Take and eat.  This is the bread of angels, and you will make of it the bread of life"

And did they sit down and share a last breakfast together? 


  1. These images of Jesus with His mother are very real to me. Thank you for leading me to imagine in this way

    1. Oh. I was imagining Jesus with Mary of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus fame after his evening with Mary and Martha in Luke 10, his having "set his face toward Jerusalem" in Luke 9.

      But you could certainly imagine a similar encounter with his mother.

      I think the important thing is his expression of mixed emotions in the companionship of a woman he trusts.

  2. I also enjoy these emotional entrees into the heart of Jesus, and those around Him. The scriptures tell the facts, but the emotions have to be read between the lines. Thanks for your wonderful way of opening my mind to these sacred things.