Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I just got off the phone after a long conversation with a RevGal who has been in my shoes, more or less.

Breast cancer, surgery plus reconstructive surgery, a congregation, and all the attendant issues that pop up when it's the new pastor who needs care.

I've just been sitting here thinking: Wow.  I have been navigating some incredibly complex territory for the past six months.  And it hasn't even occurred to me that I've done it reasonably well.  As has she.  Maybe more than reasonably.

I feel a whole lot better.   :)

So I went looking for a new window image.  One with two women.  They're almost all of women shopping!  So I found a better one.


  1. Good company on a bad trip can make a bad trip seem much better! I'm so thankful for that good company in your life! Thanks be to GOD!