Sunday, October 14, 2012


As long as I have posted a picture of Chicago taken from the Sears Tower  . . . no, I'm not in Chicago this week-end.  The weather and the colors have been so beautiful that I am quite morose about having chosen many months ago what was obviously the perfect week-end and now not being able to go.

Except that it wasn't the perfect week-end at all.  The one person I most wanted to see has family and work crises of her own, and the last thing she needs right now is the burden of my presence.

At some point I have got to go there, and get the First Return Trip behind me.  Two weeks ago we went out to eat at what used to be our favorite family restaurant in Cleveland's Little Italy.  The first time I'd been there in four-plus years.  It turned out not to be impossible.

I'm not at all sure that Chicago is in the same category. Infinitely more difficult.  But maybe in December . . .    .


  1. (Robin) no doubt it will be more difficult.

  2. Understandable that the timing is not right. Hope that it works for December.

  3. One step at a time. It can seem awfully slow and painstaking, but there is no other way. Even four and a half years later. That first time is the hardest, so I am wishing you peace and success, and hopefully December will work. But if not, there will be another day and you can take your time.