Saturday, October 6, 2012

I Love Facebook

Yesterday on FB I posted the picture of my mom and brother in honor of the anniversary of the day on which they died.  Among the results were several messages from friends who remember them, and that day.  Thanks to FB, many of us have rediscovered one another on our elementary school's page.

It had never occurred to me that other people would remember being second graders on the day that their teachers told them that one of their classmates was in the hospital with her brother, and that her mother and baby brother had been killed en route to school that morning.

It was a very small school on the edge of a very small town.  Cows grazed on the other side of our playground fence.  Everyone knew everyone.

I guess we still do.


  1. The graced building of communities, interlaced in ways that we could not have imagined...

  2. Well...I don't love Facebook, but I've learned to appreciate the ways in which it does enhance my life...

  3. Splendid that those who were shaken on that day could bring you peace so many years later.

  4. Wishing that I could break the FB addiction and return to that for which I first joined--those connections from former lives.