Saturday, June 26, 2010

Life and Death

The Lovely Daughter and I are off to Jamestown NY in a few minutes, to celebrate a baby shower for my nieces, sisters who are each expecting a first baby in August.  One boy and one girl on the way!

Meanwhile, my dear friend Karen is celebrating her birthday today, after having yesterday scattered her own Lovely Daughter Katie's ashes at a camp that brought joy and meaning into Katie's and her family's lives.  Please go and wish Karen a happy birthday, either on her blog or on FB.

So much love, mothers and children, on both sides of the country, and a reminder that that love comes at a terrible risk to hearts that are sometimes broken wide open and themselves scattered in pieces that sparkle across the wide, wide universe.


  1. Thank you for your words of love and understanding, Robin. My heart is with yours as you rejoice with your family over the new babies, and will be with you when you do your own "letting go" soon. Sending much love to you.

  2. wha a delightful reason to take a weekend trip. enjoy...

  3. Enjoy! Your words about love being a risk are profound. Love means so much because of that vulnerability shared.

  4. You know that I keep your quote about love (Love recklessly. Love extravagantly. Love with abandon.) on my blog, and I've thought about what it really means more times than I can tell you. One of my recurring thoughts is that truly loving is extreme living -- extreme as in extreme sports like snowboarders who begin their run jumping out of a plane without a parachute . Not only does it take a lot of strength, practice and skill, it demands the courage and willingness to be hurt, broken or even die in the act. I look at extreme sports with a type of head scratching wonderment, but when I look at real love, I just feel awe.