Saturday, June 12, 2010

Zen Prayer Room at Villa Maria (PA) ~ Daily Photos 11 and 12

If you wander around in the back, looking for the sheep and goats and cows, eventually you stumble upon a tiny cottage with an extravagant herb garden out front.  Inside, on the ground floor, an art room, a small library on herbal remedies, and beautifully displayed objects ~ baskets and gords and photos~ from the past.  Upstairs (via ladder):


  1. I couldn't help but think that that room had a grown up's sandbox in there. But that is the preschool teacher in me.

    It looks to be a truly sacred space.

  2. My great aunt was a nun who lived at Villa Maria. We visited several times when I was a child and it always seemed so peaceful there. Much of what is shown in your pictures is new but the peace seems to be a constant.

  3. Cathy made me laugh.

    I wish I had a room like that. Calming just to look at it.