Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Silence, Blogging, Books

I don't think I quite have this guest/exchange blogging thing down. 

Michelle of Quantum Theology and I are posting in one another's blogs on occasion this summer as we discuss Martin Laird's Into the Silent Land.    I'm starting to think about the next set of topics, and it occurs to me that I should provide direct links to my posts at Michelle's place.  I'm not sure whether she's thought to do the same ~ oh yeah, I see that she did ~, but I think it makes sense.

Anyway, here was mine, posted some days ago.

I'm reading another book in which Silence is practically a character: Virgin Time: In Search of the Contemplative Life, by Patricia Hampl. 

And, as long as I'm on books, I've just started what looks to be a wonderful book, about Saint Genovefa of Paris and Saint Brigit of Kildare -- 5th-6th century women famous and sainted for their travels and building projects.

And I'm engrossed in the topic of God's suffering (or not), which is generating fascinating conversations, irl and on both blogs.  I suppose I am going to have to return to the density of Moltmann soon; perhaps he will be more comprehensible Now than he was Before.

It's quite wonderful, to be able to read at my own pace and follow each rabbit trail as it makes itself apparent.


  1. What a fun idea - writing and posting on other's blogs along the line of a theme....I'm not reading much this summer, but like your suggestions, especially the women saints...

  2. I've been reading Virgin Time as well....and think perhaps I'll post a summer (silent) reading list!

  3. What are we, like, in each other's heads?

  4. My sometime Jungian spiritual director would say, "synchronicity" and translate it as "watch out for the Spirit at work." And I bought Virgin Time in the winter and tucked it in the "summer reading basket"...

    (and the capture phrase starts with Jung...?!?)

  5. The tragic loss of your son naturally grabbed my attention. My eldest daughter suffers from depression and really black moods and I wonder if . . . I've found the articles by the Roman Catholic author/speaker/retreat leader Ron Rolheiser helpful on suicide.
    Yours in Christ, Rob (I blog at The Contemplative Crisis)

  6. Yes, thank you Rob. I have another blog focused on my reactions to my son's death, and the RR columns are linked there. I found them extremely helpful.

    Prayer for your daughter, and you.