Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Boys

Born 9/1/84 at 2:29 and 2:31 pm
Here, high school students on a canoe trip in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario


  1. Happy birthday to your beautiful boys, and to you, the precious mama who carried, gave birth, nurtured and loves them. May God hold you especially closely and tenderly today. xoxoxo

  2. The day before your boys' birthday, we had a family from Maui visiting us overnight. They have two adorable little 3-year-old golden-haired twin boys--exuberant, delightful little boys. My thoughts went immediately to you. I imagined how you lived that, and the energy and connection of twins, and the pride of having those two precious boys---and how you miss that missing half. That always happens now when I see twin boys. Yours are iconic for me, and I hurt for your loss. Thinking of you now and praying for you on these two very difficult days...twin days of sorrow.
    All my love. Karen EAST

  3. Holding you close today and always.

  4. Karen East, that is such a perfectly beautiful and beautifully perfect of my reality for the past 27 years. Thank you.