Friday, September 23, 2011

The Upside . . .

. . . of biopsy surgery:

Part II of a continuing conversation with the lovely nurse, my companion now through two long procedures, who has departed the institutional Catholic church but has a serious prayer life, and who pressed a medal portraying Mary the Mother of Jesus into my hand before I left for my surgery, a medal she had had blessed for me the day before;

Part II of a continuing  conversation with my surgeon, who has departed the institutional Protestant church but has spent her life saving others, probably as a result of the same experience that sent her right out the church doorway;

Part I of a FB conversation with a former student, a now college-age Orthodox Jew with whom I have had no contact for four years, who caught me online during one of my "on" periods in this lengthy and otherwise boring and sleepy recovery day and wanted to talk about his own struggles toward adulthood.

My very first spiritual director always emphasizes "attention,  reverence, and devotion" as the most appropriate and desirable stance toward others. It seems that a couple of days' worth of the implacable snail's pace at which medical procedures and recovery therefrom proceed offers ample opportunity for practice.

It also seems that the Holy Spirit apparently spends her time arranging the most unexpected kinds of encounters.


  1. I think the Holy Spirit enjoys the encounters She sets up...

    Attention, reverence and devotion is what I told my students is the essence of what we are called to do as Christians: see everyone as God in the flesh

  2. This -- and the linked essay -- are powerful, Robin. Thank you.

    Prayers continue...

  3. Amazing. Wonderful. In spite of everything else.

    God is present, and healing in you and through you.

    Love, Karen EAST

  4. I like the new fonts!!! And thinking about you as you await test results.

  5. Amen to that last thought. I pray you are feeling better today.

  6. And thank goodness for those unexpected encounters. They continue to present themselves to those who are open to the possibility of their occurrence amidst the fog of chaos and fear. I imagine you found that to be true over the past three years. I have, many times over - happened today as a matter of fact.

    An intelligent, resilient, beautiful woman like you will allow yourself to be open to many more as you face into this new challenge.
    Thinking of you and sending you a huge hug.
    ... and to think we've never met

  7. oh, and Abilene is right on!
    yes, you are