Friday, September 30, 2011

Well, This Sucks

That denial thing works so well.  I was sure (not really) that I would go to the surgeon today and hear: Total screw-up; no cancer.  Because, really?  I could have cancer?

I have not missed the reality that no one is exempt from what life serves up.

But really?

I mean, cancer is not the loss of a child.  So in some ways it is not a big deal, comparatively speaking.  But then it is, after all, cancer.
So: two malignant (such an ugly word) sites in one breast = mastectomy.  And many decisions before that happens, which will probably be in November.

Which means that I start at Small Church on Monday and continue to plan for an October 30 ordination.

I've started a Caring Bridge site for updating the cancer stuff; I'm not doing it here after this post. Except maybe occasionally some of the spiritual part.  If you want the CB link, email me (see sidebar) or post your own email in the comments.


  1. It certainly does suck. I would love to connect with your Caring Bridge page. For that I use my work email: Thanks.

  2. Ok Robin. I'm going to take all comments on this to your Caring Bridge site too. But BLECH!

    I started a collage class. Learning the techniques of spreading clear paint on torn paper.

    I mean, really. And it is SO fun. If I can get my hands on an old Breviary I'm going to collage the Psalms. I posted about it on my blog.

    I love you.

  3. Me, too Robin. It totally sucks. ( word verification, pitupo)

  4. can i just say shit again?
    it sucks... badly
    shit again!
    please send the link to my email

  5. Sucks, really sucks. And more than that. But words fail.

    I would like to be part of your Caring Bridge site.

    Prayers and love as you begin your new call at Small Church this week.

  6. The "Why's" in life are becoming overwhelming! Would really like to be on the Caring Bridge list: Praying often for your strength and stamina.

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  9. Okay, I think you have my email, but here it is just in case you don't - I was so pulling for the outcome to be "NO malignancies," but we don't always get what we pull for, as we know. Please send me the link to the site where you will do the updates. I will be there with you every step of the way - I have lots of practice at this. I don't show up here very often, but I often read without commenting - and I carry you in my heart at all times. Love, Mary Ellen

  10. oh no Robin. Many many bad words. And even more prayers.

  11. Long time lurker,once (now twice) a commenter. I would like to be on the Caring Bridge list, if that's ok with you.

  12. I also mostly lurk, but would like to be in the loop.

  13. Prayers with you and I'd like to be on your Caring Bridge list.

  14. I am just reading about this. Please add me to the caring bridge list - - praying for you Robin.

  15. (sorry if this is a repost; my first comment disappeared--I think)
    I am so sorry about this news. I am especially sorry about the timing of your diagnosis and that this is coming in the midst of such well-deserved professional developments.

    I have been there and I know that surgery and cancer treatment are a lot to deal with. I do hope that you have a positive relationship with your medical team (they will be with your for a while) and that you feel heard by them. I also hope that you have a strong personal network to help support you as well.

    If you are still adding names to the CB site, please add mine:

    Best wishes,