Thursday, September 22, 2011


"You is kind, you is smart, you is important."
~ Abilene to Mae Mobley in The Help

I don't usually go around repeating self-affirmations, but this is what popped into my mind this morning, as I get dressed to go down to the hospital for  . . .  well, the goals are clear but the outcome, not so much.

I know there are lots varying opinions about The Help, but I saw it (twice) as a film about female solidarity.  And I'm feeling plenty of that, and the male kind as well, this morning. 
We should really be thinking about Chris today, though.  The fourth anniversary of Sarah's death comes up in a few days, and some of us know what that means this week is like.  I met Chris because an article about Sarah appeared in our local paper a year after she died, which was only a few weeks after Josh's death ~ and we've become good friends.

Sarah was a graduate student in art therapy when she was swept out into the Mediterranean by a rogue wave.  This Saturday I'll put in an appearance at the benefit for her school's scholarship fund named in her honor, and perhaps return home with a Sarah poster for my new study.

Sarah was for sure good, and kind, and important.


  1. You are all those things (we just saw that movie last night, and were deeply moved by it).

    Thinking of you, and praying that all went as well as possible yesterday, that clarity and insight are given to your medical team, and that healing from your surgery is strong, steady and full. HUGS from here.

  2. Christ said we should go to our closets and pray. My closet is filled with prayers for you and for Chris. Her story touched my heart so deeply four years ago and in August, when my anniversary occurs, I pray for her and for you.
    Prayers for your recovery and for whatever is in store for you in the future.