Monday, September 12, 2011

In Brief

All went well.

The congregation voted "yes" and I accepted.

Presbytery meeting and vote on Saturday.

I haven't absorbed it at all.


  1. I checked in here several times yesterday waiting to hear.

    Congratulations, and yes, it does take awhile to sink in. I candidated first and went before presbytery 10 days later. You are articulate. You will do well on the floor of presbytery. I was challenged on a couple of my sentences in my faith statement. I gently held my perspective and I was received.

    The congregation and presbytery will be blessed by your wisdom and presence.

  2. Woo-Hoo! and Thanks be to God! So very happy for you.

  3. Can you tell us the name of the church and its location?

    I don't know how your presbytery handles examinations. In Presbytery of New Covenant the exam is really done by COM and there are seldom any questions from the floor. Prayers for a smooth process on Saturday!

  4. Nankin Federated Church in Nankin OH.
    I think that Saturday will be similar to what you describe, but I have been asked to attend the entire meeting so it will be a very long day.

  5. I checked the website. It looks perfect. So very happy for you...and for them. They will be so blessed by YOU! Amazing Grace!

    Much love, Karen EAST

  6. I am so glad. Prayers for the next stage.

  7. So very happy for you. And for them.

  8. Congratulations on candidating successfully! So happy for you! I hope that you and the church will be blessings to each other.

  9. Close to tears of joy for you, for God, for all of His people whose lives you will bless. Thanks be to God!

  10. Dear Robin - how wonderful!! I'm so far behind in my blog-reading, I'm sorry I wasn't there to say YAY on Saturday!

    Such a beautiful, tender answer to prayer.... how grateful I am to be able to watch and read from the blogosphere!

    Hugs and love to you!