Monday, July 22, 2013

Northfield Addendum

I was doing a little research after yesterday's post, talking with someone at Northfield Mount Hermon on FB and trying to find a video from a short time ago.  First the someone came up with this one:
It's a promotional piece for a book, and it gives you a great sense of the campus and of the importance of music to our lives.  In fact, if you make it to about 3:32, there are our 1970 voices singing Once to Every Man and Nation!  Who knew?
The next video was produced last Thanksgiving, and is the one I was seeking.  Our "school song" is Jerusalem, and this much shorter piece includes campus scenes set to another Sacred Concert rendition of the music.  As I recall, it was sent to the NMH community as a holiday gift.  I hope it's ok to link to it
The last time I heard Jerusalem sung "live" was at Josh's graduation from NMH in 2003, in the same D.L. Moody-era auditorium in which I had graduated 38 years previous ~ with the seniors enthusiastically stomping their feet and shouting, "Bring! Me! My! Arrows! of! Desire!" When the video popped up last fall, I thought that I would not be able to bear it.  I have found that it is not so impossible, however, to recollect bits and pieces of the lives we shared there all those decades apart when those memories come in the form of music and New England fall colors.
So . . . take ten minutes and watch and listen to New England boarding school life!

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  1. These videos do provide a peak into your boarding school life. How amazing that Josh graduated from the same school as you! It is a grace and consolation that God has given you to be able to recollect memories through your pain. Again, thanks for sharing.