Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday

"[We] become free with the perfect freedom of the sons [and daughters] of God by virtue of the fact that, having followed Christ into the wilderness and shared in his temptations and sufferings, [we] can also follow him wherever else he may go."

~ Thomas Merton, (speaking on the monastic vocation, but surely applicable to us all), found in Silence, Solitude, and Simplicity by Sister Jeremy Hall, OSB (2007).

For a thoughtful five-minute Ash Wednesday reflection on friendship with Jesus, listen here.

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  1. We may follow, but I am so glad He is leading. Who would want to go to those places without Him. It's a beautiful thing He has done for us--walking the path of suffering ahead of us.
    Hope you feel that companionship during this Lenten season.