Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Seven Things for Seven Years

1 ~ A little while ago, I was reminded by Martha's post about seven years of blogging that, as of about today, it has been seven years for me as well.  That means that when I started blogging, my boys were 19-year-old freshmen at Ohio State and the University of Chicago and the Lovely Daughter was a 16-year-old high school junior, doing a lot of choral music and theatre tech.  I was teaching high school English and History to Orthodox Jewish kids, was very involved in my church, and was busy with lots of friends.  My grandmother was turning 98  and would live for nearly three more years.  Josh for five. Usually at the end of March we would have been in St. Augustine, but that would have been the year that we pushed our trip to June, since for the first time ever, the kids' spring breaks did not mesh.  I guess I should have seen the writing on the wall: Things Change.  Everything Changes.

2 ~ I got a unintended blogging present today: a lovely, lovely book from an online friend. Review coming eventually.

3 ~ I started thinking about that plan I had back in December for frontier to be my word for 2011.  Haven't done so well with that.  Haven't done anything at all.  I started thinking about it because I had a brief conversation with the young man who inspired the homily that inspired me.  It seems that I am going to live.  That being the case, I need to start thinking about who I want to be.

4 ~ This past week, someone who is deep into grief asked me about trust in God.  And so I asked someone else who might know a good deal more about that than I do.  And he wrote, in part, "Trust is a handing over of the quest for certitude into the contemplative rest of waiting with love for God to reveal the meaning of being a creature for whom God sent his only Son as companion on the quest and an exemplar of holy waiting . . .  the willingness to hand over your future to Love." 

5 ~ I would like to be that person, I think.   That person who could hand over her future to Love.  It's harder than you might think.

6 ~ Of Gods and Men won't be here for another three weeks.

7 ~ There's a lot of snow out there.


  1. You've been through so many blog names in those years, I can hardly keep track! LOL!

    Amazing to think we've been doing this so long. I guess we're in it for the long haul... ;)

  2. I saw "Of Gods and Men" in NY last week. It is absolutely wonderful. Can't wait til you see it, review it and open comments!

    We are full on spring here in FL. And did I tell you I was born and raised in St. Augustine? :)

  3. catching up, saying hello, hoping the snow ends alaredy.