Sunday, May 29, 2011

Back to My Break

Thanks to all who provided help and encouragement for the sermon.  Hours later and I am still completely exhausted, but it seems to have been appreciated!

And now, back to my blogging break.  And back to the countdown: six weeks till a week's silence at Wernersville!

Images: Wernersville (PA) Jesuit Center and 
Detail of St. Ignatius the Pilgrim Statue, 
both October 2010


  1. I forgot to give my input on the sermon.... hope is good, and I live in eastern PA. are we having a gathering in 6 weeks?

  2. I guess not, if you live on the wrong side of the state.

    Seriously, I am so dyslexic about directions!

    July 12 or 20?

  3. Thought of you yesterday. Hoping all went well, I understand the exhaustion.

  4. Poor Wayne! Your next gift to Robin should be a map! Beautiful sermon, Robin.

  5. Thank you for posting your sermon, Robin.


    Prayers continue