Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Social Worker

The Lovely Daughter went to Guatemala over spring break as part of her social work master's program and, like at least one of her classmates, fell victim to some kind of ATM card theft.  Apparently someone somehow got card and pin numbers and is slowly making their way through a set of newly created fake cards until "insufficient funds" appears on a screen.  Or perhaps the pretend cards are for sale.

LD discovered that she'd been hit when she was at the BMV yesterday to register her car and turned out to have those "insufficient funds."  More details, this morning: it seems that her account was emptied in the last day or two by someone in the Santo Domingo airport in the Dominican Republic. 

LD: "Well, he's probably not a really bad person."

Her mother: "You are SUCH a social worker!"


  1. Love this exchange between the two of you! This happened to Gregg while he was on a business trip in Japan, years ago. I tried to buy groceries with our credit card and was refused - knew that there was no way we were over the limit (that is, no way WE had overspent the limit!). The account was frozen; charges refused, and no harm done. But they had tried to take out $5K, four times, in rapid succession. Chutzpah!

  2. Goodness! So much of this going on!

  3. Sorry this has happened to her but love her attitude! Yes, she'll be a great social worker!