Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cemeteries: Pennsylvania

Anyone who reads this blog knows how entranced I am by cemeteries.  I've wandered a couple in this past year that I haven't gotten around to writing about, so this week I think that I'll rectify that situation.

Next door to the Wernersville Jesuit Retreat Center in eastern Pennsylvania stands St. John's (Hain's) United Church of Christ, which began life in 1735 as a congregation of the German Reformed Church on land donated  by George and Veronica Hain.  Since I spend a lot of my prayer time in motion, I have now walked through the church cemetery a number of times.   (Wayne had told me that I would see bluebirds there, which turned out to be an accurate prediction.)

The German words on the oldest gravestones, those closest to the church, are fading  into obscurity, but you can still make out birthplaces and family relationships.  Fifty-seven veterans of the American Revolution lie buried there, as well as numbers of babies and small children, so often encountered in older cemeteries.

I, of course, like that the Jesuits and a Reformed congregation are next door neighbors.


  1. The hubs loves cemeteries...and I confess to a certain fascination with very old tombstones. I would love to visit a cemetery from the 18th century.

  2. I am glad the bluebirds were there to greet you.

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