Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yellow Warbler Migration

I was inspired to look up the yellow warbler's migration routes yesterday after Kat mentioned never having seen one.  Here on the North Coast of Ohio, they seem most abundant during the spring migration, but lots of them stick around for the breeding season.  We've seen them along riverbanks, where they frequently nest, when we've been out canoeing in midsummer.

As is the case with so many very small birds, one can only marvel at the feat of migration.  Many yellow warblers cross the Gulf of Mexico twice each year.  We need a boat or a plane; they require only two very tiny wings.


  1. If you've never seen it, I HIGHLY recommend the movie "Winged Migration."

    It is a beautiful, amazing, love-filled documentary on this feat called migration.

  2. Yes, that is a wo0nderful movie.

  3. Birds are so amazing. The fact that they fascinate us so indicates, I think, that the Universe has given humans a special connection to them.

  4. Saw a common yellow throat last weekend in Delaware. Last year the first red knot was spotted at the Dupont Nature Center at Mispillion on May 4th, which means there are probably some red knots in the air coming from Brazil as of today (they fly up to four days three nights non-stop from Brazil to Delaware).

  5. Nice to see you, Virginia!