Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A New Blog

My friend Karen has gotten much in the way of spiritual sustenance from Richard Rohr, who has just started a blog.  

Karen's 12-year-old daughter Katie died of cancer four-plus years ago, and since then Karen has been a whirlwind of activity, raising money for pediatric cancer research, working on educational projects designed to enhance family-centered medical care, and chairing Katie's Comforters Guild, which provides quilts to hospitalized children (in case you need a destination for your holiday donation dollars). 

I'm finding that many of my "bereaved mom" (oh, now there's a great circle in which to be) friends are writing and speaking, very quietly, about the tremendous challenge of the second, third, fourth, fifth holiday season now upon us.  Some things get easier, and some more difficult.  

So I just thought I'd provide these links.

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  1. A HUGE and humble thank you for this pointer, Robin, and these links. I am so excited to read his postings. The new book ("Falling Upward"), about which Laura and I heard him speak in Portland, is already a great joy, and I am only as far as the introduction. He is sweet, funny and ironic. I pray that his spirit will be able to bless even more people through his blog!
    Sending love and prayers for joy and peace for you.