Sunday, November 20, 2011

Still Alive -2

My friend W, Director of Nursing Operations for the Cancer Center and Mother of The Lovely Daughter's apartment-mate, stopped by to see me yesterday morning.  I told her the good, bad, and ugly, as she is actually in a position to pass along praise, and to effect change where no praise is due.

She and her older daughter, a brand-new peds oncology nurse, came over to the house last night to help me with a procedure I cannot manage on my own.  ("See where all that Montessori education got us?" I said.)

And they both laughed at my rx ("This is a peds dosage!") and told me to double it and shorten the time between dosages.  As a result, I actually got some sleep last night, and made some physical progress.

Things I Can Now Do: Get up from a chair by myself.  And sit back down.

Image: Goal.


  1. Robin, I was so happy to read yesterday that you'd come home. That is a big step in and of itself, for in spite of the hospital atmosphere that is not always conducive to healing the way that our home is, there is assistance with "things" that are difficult to manage on one's own at the push of the call-button.

    My dear friend is a nurse, and she helped us with many of those things and advised us about some uncertainties when they popped up unexpectedly when Erin was home with us. I was so grateful for her presence and expertise. I'm so glad you have someone you can trust, two actually - bonus!

    Home is the best place to be. Getting up and sitting back down by yourself are fine accomplishments! Sleep and let people wait on you. I have peeps from my blog praying for you too. Hope you're feeling all that love coming your way.

  2. One moment and milestone at a time. Hour by hour. Day by day. Today's update is progress and I'm especially happy to hear that you now have the appropriate med dosages. Oy! Love Matt's comment about your narcotic threshold!

  3. Thank God you are home- a far better place to start to get things together again.
    Take what your body needs and I'm glad that they are being flexible about dosage. That's good !!

  4. Remember that candles you asked us to light?
    Mine is still going.
    Healing prayers for both body, mind, and spirit.

  5. To quote our mutual friend, "Sloooowly.....take it slooooowly!"

    Glad to see your virtual self about a bit, and I love the image of the The Goal!

    Prayers continue to arise....

  6. Yes, prayers continue Robin. Amid our Divine Office prayers here with my husband, and just daily as I go about my life doing things that I totally take for granted.

    Thinking of you with much love.

  7. You have been under medicated with a dosage of pain meds intended for children! OMG! So glad you have this friend who can correct it and give you the rest you need! Prayers continue.