Saturday, November 19, 2011

Still Alive - 1

Relentless pain - it's been about 30 hours since I woke up from surgery.

To my surprise, RevGal Maggie showed up in town last night and offered to accompany us this am.  Since she has faced similar challenges, I said yes.

The first pre-surgery procedure was excruciating.  Probably exacerbated by the doctor refusing to let Maggie stay with me.  I collapsed sobbing into her arms as soon as the door was open; the doctor merely commented that that degree of pain was highly unusual.

Maggie and The Quiet Husband and our kids stayed with me till I was wheeled off to the OR; good thing, as what little faith I had that things might go well had been completely shattered.

Lotta screaming and crying last night in connection with another procedure.  Really scared that nurse!

Anesthesia headache.  I can go to the bathroom on my own, but that's about it.  I really haven't had the energy to consider the emotional ramifications of what's happened; the physical stuff is taking everything I've got. 

My son's assessment: Mom, your resistance to narcotics is becoming legendary.


  1. Oh Robin! Sending prayers your daughter has a similar response to anesthesia and narcotics. Praying for you with all my heart. I have been thinking of you all day.

  2. Praying! For rest. For healing. For those who are caring for you. For you.

  3. Praying for you and yours and for all God's grace and healing to come into that awful place of pain, Robin.
    Blessings and hugs.