Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Working Life

No one liked my stoles?  Hrrrrmmmmmph.

Well, how about the following, which Someone I Know received from a co-worker (You need to know that the aforesaid Someone has been working 60-70 ~ quite literally ~ hour weeks for months on a project that ~ well ~ no comment! ):


  1. As I'm giving the kids a snack to hold them until dinner while we wait to find out how late my spouse is working... Dilbert, indeed.

    And the stoles are gorgeous. Every one of them.

    (I blame Google Reader for the lack of comments. It makes keeping up with a fair number of blogs easier, but it sure doesn't encourage conversation.)

  2. this sounds like suburban youth ministry.

    okay...cynicism off!

    I agree with Wendy--it's definitely google reader. i read everything, but comment less often! I love love loved the stole picture--they're all gorgeous!

  3. Hmmmm... 60-70 hours per week on a project that ulitmately goes nowhere? Sounds WAAAAY too familiar.

    Don't fret about a lack of comments. I'm lucky if I get one on any given post nowadays...

  4. I loved the stoles and composed a lovely comment but your blog won't take comments I write at work. No idea why I have trouble there but now I know better then to read on a lunch break.

    The stoles are beyond beautiful and put together they comprise a wonderful tapestry of friendship and of you. I'm so glad that somebody put a Gannett on one.

  5. I dig this, but I am also glad to hear that Kathryn J gives herself a lunch break