Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nine Days Post-Surgery

I don't look like this today, but  I did last night.


I went out twice yesterday.  The Lovely Daughter took me shopping for a couple of things and later, The Quiet Husband dropped me off at church.  It takes me a l-o-n-g time to get going in the morning, so I figured that my only hope for an Advent I service was a Catholic Vigil Mass.  It was beautiful, a few new liturgy (effective last night) bloopers notwithstanding.

Pain mostly gone; no more meds since a couple of days ago.   The evil drain has been out since last Wednesday.

Family: They are GREAT.  It must be like living with a blob in the living room, but they put up with me most generously.


One iron.  I don't know what I was thinking, but I forgot, the first couple of days, that my arm movement was limited.  Small crash. 

Focus.  I can't concentrate enough to read for more than a few paragraphs, and I can't follow a phone conversation; I need the visual cues of face-to-face contact.  I assume this is part of the post-anesthesia fog, but it's quite disconcerting.  The headache (four days) and vision problems (a week) have resolved themselves, so presumably this will as well.

Energy.  I just read something about post-surgery fatigue and it was pretty scary.  I barely move (yesterday was a huge exception), and I am completely exhausted. 

Emotional Life:  Wow, is that on a roller coaster.  Use your imagination.


  1. You look fabulous!! Good for you for getting out and about. I am happy that you got your drains out and that you have recovered movement in your left arm/side.

    Regarding the iron calamity, it happens. One doesn't always know what the post-surgical limitations are until they suddenly occur. But I do know that every couple of days you will find that you are able to do things that you previously couldn't. Your physical recovery will manifest incrementally and it is exciting to mark its progress.


  2. Let's take the iron casualty first--SILLY WOMAN! Why on earth would you have even attempted that?

    As for everything else, you look fabulous. And it sounds as though your recovery is right on path. Anesthesia recovery--I've often heard that it's one week for every hour of anesthesia until you're completely recovered and full strength.

    Be kind to yourself. And give yourself the gift of time.

  3. You look beautiful, Robin!

    The only time I was ever under anesthesia was when I gave my brother my kidney last April. I was SO TIRED for about three weeks, and I just gave a little kidney laparoscopically. Nothing like what you've been through!

    You rock! Heal on Robin - heal on!

  4. Anesthesia is such a peculiar blessing and curse....the after math of a body that experinced pain but a mind that doesn't remember it leaves, I suspect a shadow emotional impact....I felt some release from my neck surgery when i had sacrial cranial work a few years ago....whoch is to say, I 'm sorry you feel so tired, but I'm glad you are feeling a little better.

  5. You look beautiful. So glad the pain has abated. You are in my prayers.

  6. healing is wonderful thing, even if the pace is not perfect at times

  7. Small steps and yes, even small steps make great energy demands on the spirit and body.

  8. Dear Robin - so glad you're gaining some of your independence and verve back. Slow and steady. You look gorgeous, and I know your family must be so thrilled to see your recovery as so real and tangible! We'll continue praying....