Monday, November 21, 2011

Recovery 101

Among the many detestable things with reference to being post-op is the constant focus on one's personal physical well-being.   It is SO BORING, which explains why I do not host a cable tv show on food or fitness.

Well, ok, so there might be other reasons for the latter.

I am all about pain control today.  I thought that I was in pretty good shape last night, so I cut back on the meds and started looking forward to a shower.

Really stupid idea, which left me looking at my phone every minute for the last  hour this morning until I could load up.  And load up I did!

And then I slept soundly for three solid hours.

And now I am too tired for that desperately longed-for shower.

The good news is that I have recovered almost complete movement of my left arm.  It hurts, but it moves.  This is A Very Big Deal!

I suppose everything will work together eventually.

See how boring this is?  But the only other thing on which I have to report is the drama of narcotic-induced dreams, which I forget as soon as I wake up.  And also, I suppose (see Caring Bridge), my late-night discovery of the Barbie Channel.  Who knew?


  1. So this is, what? Dr. Barbie doing her rounds in her spandex capris and six-inch platform heels?

  2. It's not boring to me-- that you can move your arm today is AMAZING. (I'm not telling you to feel that way, only saying that being given the opportunity to observe any kind of healing, at whatever its pace is, is magical to me.)